Combining scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant surgery

Before scalp micropigmentation was readily available to the public, hair transplants were the only way someone could get the coverage they wanted to restore their hairline. Unfortunately, hair transplants have innate issues with men who are at the end stages of balding; there just isn’t enough donor hair on the back of the head to give the coverage necessary for the client. We also add the fact that the client is going to have some form of scar based on whether they went the FUE or FUT route that will need coverage and camouflage. Fortunately, smp can help clients get the coverage and density they need in both instances. .

When a smp artist works on an end stage balding client, it takes tens of thousands of dots (40k-50k average) to give full density. A hair transplant doctor is going to get 3000 to 5000 donor hairs from the back of the head of which only a percentage will not get rejected by the body. The result of such transplant is a thin patch of hair usually closer to the hairline that barely gives any coverage and . The issue lies with the lack of density on the scalp and the color of the skin showing through. What smp does for clients who have had a hair transplant procedure is reduce the appearance of thinning by camouflaging the color of the skin with the color of your hair using follicle like impressions. The result is a denser and thicker looking head of hair for the client.

Scars are a more difficult task. Scar tissue is the most difficult canvas a smp artist can work on and all scars are not created equally. When dealing with hair transplant scars there are two types smp artists see, the FUE and the FUT methods. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) there are multiple tiny round, white scars in the donor area, one for each extracted follicular unit.

In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), there is a single thin line in the donor area where the strip was removed. In both instances, scalp micropigmentation can be used to cover the scar and allow the client to cut their hair short in the back of their head without exposing the scar.

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