The Density Fill: A Girl’s Best Friend

The best way to tackle female hair loss is with a density fill. As most women know, it isn?t how you actually look but how you are perceived that meets the eye of the beholder. Using highly advanced and precise camouflaging techniques, we can make a woman’s hair look much fuller than it actually is!

By making the skin of your scalp the same shade as the roots of your hair with tiny follicle-like impressions, we reduce the look of balding on your head over a period of 2-3 sessions. This makes SMP or scalp micropigmentation the ideal option for women with thinning hair.

At your free consultation, we will inspect the area of concern and discuss the proper treatment options for your specific needs

Though scalp micropigmentation may seem like a male-dominated procedure, the fact is that more women find that SMP is the solution they have been looking for. In a world where the female-driven cosmetics industry that caps at billions of dollars, why would anything else make sense? Women suffer from hair loss just as much as men do, but in different ways. Traction alopecia (the loss of hair due to wearing a tight ponytail or extensions) and hormonal imbalances that occur due to things like pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause will cause hair loss.

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