As a rule of thumb, there is no replacement for real and long hair. The hair transplant industry has come a long way over the years. Yet, many complications arise from the transplant procedure. The biggest downsides we have seen are the costs, downtime, transplant rejection, scaring, and lack of satisfaction when it comes down to density. With transplants costing anywhere between $4-$6 per strand of hair and a typical need of 5000+ hairs to even remotely cover a scalp, most find that they are not completely satisfied with the procedure. In comes SMP to the rescue.

Hair transplant patients can take advantage of density fills that give the look of more hair. Furthermore, both the FUE and older methods of harvesting hairs leave unsightly transplant scars that can be camouflaged with Scalp Micropigmentation, giving clients the relief they are looking for.

If you?re a post hair transplant patient looking for ways to further your look, please book a free consultation to discuss your options.