You may have had scalp micropigmentation done somewhere else years ago and are due for a touch-up. We provide full touch up services for all SMP clients! Book a free consultation to discuss your options.

SMP That Has Faded

Typically, you shouldn?t need a touch up for at least 5 years. There are exceptions where factors that include ethnicity, skin type, lifestyle, genetics, trauma, and your aftercare maintenance protocol would cause a need for a touch up earlier than the 5-year mark. Typically, our products are proven to last 5-8 years. Fading after 5-8 years is very typical and a quick touch up is the perfect solution! If you’re a Scalp King client already, all touch-ups are 50% off after our 1-year guarantee.

SMP Corrections

Unfortunately, there are many amateur artists out there who use poor technique and/or poor pigment that will fade much quicker than the pigments we use at Scalp King. Even worse, you may need correction due to improper pigment and needle use that has left you with a botched job. We have experience with corrections and can usually blend in the botched job into a presentable and corrected manner. In extreme cases, you may need to seek out laser tattoo removal before beginning your scalp micropigmentation correction treatments. Please book a free consultation to discuss your options